tea is an Indian-born Singer-Songwriter and Berklee College of Music graduate. Her exposure to different styles of music such as Indian & Western Classical, R&B, Jazz and Popular Music has contributed extensively to her broad perspective and versatility.

She has performed live at venues like Blue Note, New York, USA and San Francisco Jazz Center, San Francisco, USA.

She has won an all-state singing competition in India. She has also appeared on a reality tv show called ‘FameX’ on national television in India, and has been a finalist in an international songwriting competition in the UK.

She has received the ‘Best New Artist in Japan’ award by ‘The Music Pen Club Japan’ (MPCJ) for her debut album, ‘Interstellar’.

Currently based in Tokyo, Japan, tea is in the midst of collaborations with several different musicians and writers.

Her extended single, ‘Trupti’, and debut album, ‘Interstellar’, are available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon worldwide.



A buttery mix of Jazz, R&B and Pop made rich with velvety vocals, heart-felt lyrics and pulsating arrangements that go down smoothly like wine.

tea’s debut album 'INTERSTELLAR' consists of 8 original songs and 3 cover songs listed as ‘Eleanor Rigby’ by Beatles, ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ by Pink Floyd and ‘But Not For Me’ by Gershwin.

The musicians on this album are some of the most ingenious session musicians in Tokyo. tea’s awe-inspiring voice together with the contemporary arrangements by Hiroshi Tokieda have a life of its own.

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Released Covers

  • Extended Single, ‘TRUPTI’, by tea

    Genre: Pop / R&B

    Release Date: February 16, 2016

    Online Store: Amazon / iTunes / Apple Music

    Amazon (Japan) CD Purchase

    iTunes (Japan) Digital Download


    Genre: Soundtrack

    Release Date: June 13, 2018

    Online Store: Amazon/ CD Japan

    CD Baby (Japan) Digital Download


    Genre: Jazz

    Release Date: July 11, 2018

    Online Store: Amazon

    UJR (Japan) CD Purchase

  • Single, ‘SHE’S HOME’, by Ami Nakazono (feat. tea)

    Genre: Smooth Jazz

    Release Date: 2016

    Online Store: Amazon / iTunes / Apple Music / CD Baby

    CD Baby (Japan) Digital Download

  • Compilation Album, ‘JAZZIN’ R&B DIVA HITS SELECTIONNANA & TEA’S JAM’, (feat. tea)

    Genre: Jazz / R&B

    Release Date: August 9, 2017

    Online Store: Amazon / iTunes / Apple Music

    Apple Music (Japan) CD Purchase

  • Debut Album, ‘INTERSTELLAR’, by tea

    Genre: Jazz

    Release Date: October 4, 2017

    Online Store: Amazon / iTunes / Spotify / Apple Music

    Amazon (Japan) CD Purchase

    Apple Music (Japan) Digital Download

  • Children’s Educational Textbook w/ Music CD, ‘SEE YOU IN THE LIBRARY’, (feat. tea)

    Genre: Pop

    Release Date: October 16, 2017

    Online Store: Amazon

    Amazon (Japan) CD Purchase

  • Album, ‘LUNA’, by Ikuko Kawai (feat. tea)

    Genre: Classical / Instrumental

    Release Date:November 1, 2017

    Online Store: Amazon / CD Japan

    Amazon (Japan) CD Purchase

  • Original Soundtrack, ‘THE MUSIC OF CHRONOS RULER (Anime)’, by Evan Call (feat. tea)

    Genre: Soundtrack

    Release Date: November 22, 2017

    Online Store: Amazon / CD Japan

    CD Japan CD Purchase

  • Single, ‘HIGHER, HIGHER’ by Athos (feat. tea)

    Genre: Pop

    Release Date: December 19, 2017

    Online Store: iTunes / Apple Music

    Apple Music (Japan) Digital Download